Credit Managers

Are you struggling to meet commercial outcomes or KPI’s? Do your staff struggle with handling complaints effectively? Maybe you need some guidance with better identification, support and assistance of vulnerable customers that may be facing financial hardship?

We partner with a specialist Collections and Vulnerability training provider and tailor solutions across all key industry sectors to help organisations find the right balance between commercial outcomes, hardship and the social needs of the customer, and the well-being of staff.

How we can help

  • Specialist soft skills training: customer engagement, customer conflict and complaints, collections, hardship, customer vulnerability, well-being & leadership
  • Delivery of training: face-to-face workshops (in person or virtual), online modules, bite-sized learning video’s, train-the-trainer
  • Collector Behavioural profiling (DISC): a self-assessment tool used to measure a candidate’s core skillset against the key traits required of a collector role
  • Affordability calculator: a tool used to determine a customer’s capacity to repay money owed based on an assessment of their income and expenses.

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