Credit Consultancy

With over 33 years combined experience within the credit industry assisting clients with a variety of credit management solutions, we are well placed to help you improve your cashflow with a range of services to suit both small business owners and large organisations.

Small Business Expertise

Many business owners are tired of being everything to everyone and time poor. But you’re not expected to be a credit expert and maybe you are struggling to justify the cost of a full-time resource? As an alternative, you can benefit from our knowledge and expertise and only pay for the time you need.

How we can help

  • Credit strategy and process review and/or development
  • Aligning sales process to credit process
  • Credit Application Review
  • Outsourced collection services
  • Collections/soft skills training

Larger Organisation Expertise

We are passionate about providing customer-centric solutions and that is two-fold for us both in serving your direct needs and the needs of your customer.

With over 33 years working in Credit in Australia across Government (Federal/State/Local), Essential Services, Banking & Finance, Telco, Commercial, Health and Education we have been very fortunate in seeing first hand what works and what doesn’t. We can share this cross-sector knowledge and expertise to help you develop credit processes and strategy that deliver the commercial outcomes you seek whilst being sensitive to the social needs of your customer. We ensure we align ourselves with a panel of trusted providers that share our customer-centric vision and who we know will deliver excellent results for both you and your customers.

How we can help

  • Credit Consulting Services
  • Full Credit & Collections Review/Gap Analysis/Recommendations
  • Communications review: Letters/Emails/SMS/Call listening
  • Terms and Conditions Review
  • Specialised Collections & Vulnerability Training
  • Customer-focused Collections

The Managing Partners of SalesCRED have been valued members of the Australian Institute of Credit Management throughout their career. In addition, Nikki has presented at their National Conferences, appeared on live panel sessions and been a regular contributor to their magazine ‘Credit Management in Australia’. To view some of her articles please click here.

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