Do you need assistance getting paid? Do you need advice on credit process and strategy? Maybe you are in a transition period between Credit Managers and would like to outsource for the time you need?

We can help you to get your cashflow up and running with our full range of credit management and consultancy services.

How to align your Credit & Sales strategies for maximum growth

Many businesses find that their Sales and Credit teams are typically at loggerheads, with sales pushing through new business sometimes at all costs and credit struggling to get paid from that business.

A sale is not strictly ‘a sale’ until your business gets paid. We help you find the right balance between increasing your sales and protecting your cashflow and provide strategies to get your sales and credit teams working in partnership towards a common goal.

Customer-centric solutions

At SalesCRED we are focussed on providing credit management solutions that get the best results for both you and your customers. Along with our panel of trusted providers we offer the following specialised services:

Credit consultancy to assist you in balancing the risk of extending lines of credit to current and new customers whilst ensuring a healthy cashflow. Customer focused processes and strategies set clear expectations and help build strong customer relationships.

Collections and hardship training to empower your staff to have more effective collections conversations.

Outsourced customer-focused collections which achieve excellent commercial outcomes for you whilst being sensitive to the social needs of your customer. People prioritise paying people they like!

In today’s current Covid environment these types of solutions are essential factors in growing your business and improving cashflow.

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